A beautifully crafted kitchen worktop can become the ultimate finishing touch in any kitchen. The choice of worktop depends upon the look and functionality that is intended. AINO offers a diverse range of worktops with varied benefits.
Solid surface worktops offer endless design possibilities. Sculpted by heat and non-porous by nature, these high-tech polymers can be heat sculpted into virtually any shape. Solid surface worktops can take on many appearances, including stone, without the shortcomings of their counterparts (ie. natural stone). The availability of a wide range of colours make it ideal for various kitchen styles.
Engineered quartz is a mix of quartz chips and flexible resins, resulting in strong granite counters with better impact resistance. The cool tactile qualities of natural stone are retained, while offering the freedom of almost unlimited application possibilities.
Stainless steel worktops have become rapidly popular in residential kitchens. Sleek, contemporary and attractive, these worktops are highly durable and easy to maintain.
Solid wood worktops offer a natural beauty and warmth that would enhance the appearance of any kitchen. It has a classic appeal that will always seem fresh. There are many types of wood to choose from and each type of wood with different grains will produce a worktop with different visual qualities and patterns.
High Pressure
High pressure laminate is made of paper blended with resins and fused to a particle board or plywood under heat and pressure. Laminate can emulate other materials such as natural stone or timber, making it an attractive option with a variety of patterns and colours. It is a non-porous and low maintenance material. With proper care, it is extremely durable.


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